{Updated 2020} How To Reverse Facebook Name (Before 60 Days)

Reverse Facebook Name Before 60 Days Or After Limit

Facebook is one of the good Platform where we spent our Extra Time with feeling boar. It is so much popular social media nowadays But Facebook has added some Privacy. Facebook has set some Limits and you have to follow that limits. One of the main privacy is we cann’t reverse Facebook name after limit (Before 60 days)


I have shared many Facebook Tips and Tricks. You all liked those post. So This post is also related to Facebook Trick.

Facebook Terms And Policy

Facebook has set some rules which are listed below:-

  1. If you have changed your Facebook Account name then you must wait 60 days to change it again.
  2. We cannot change the name of Facebook Page which have more than 250 Likes.
  3. You Cannot change the name of Group have members more than 5000.
  4. You Cannot add more than 5000 friends on your Friend List.
  5. We cannot set more than 999 Friend Request on Pending.


In this article, I am going to share a Facebook Trick in which you can Change Your Facebook Name Without Waiting 60 Days. Facebook give you a limited days to change the Facebook name. So, This trick is for those who want to change that name before 60 days.

Steps to reverse Facebook name before 60 days

Step 1 First of all login your Facebook Account then click on the link given below:-

change old facebook name

You will see a option like this. Then select the last option.

Step 2

Then click on  Get Started  as shown in the screenshots.

facebook reverse name change
facebook reverse name change
Step 3

It will take few second to check your facebook data. After that you will see a option like the screenshots that shown below. Then click on the  Continue  button.

Step 4 In this step Facebook will give you to select previous Name. Select Name And Mobile Number on this step. Screenshots is given below:-

Step 5In this step, You don’t have do anything. Just scroll down and Click on  Skip  Option.

Step 6 This is the last step, In this step also you don’t have to do anything just click on the  Go To News Feed  .

how to reverse name change on facebook

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