{Updated 2020} Change Facebook Birth Date After Limit Trick 2020

Change Facebook Birth Date After Limit Trick 2017:- Hello Guys, In this article I am going to share one of the most interesting tip which helps you to change birth date of Facebook after crossing some limit. I researched many days on this topic and I finally found the working trick for this which is very very simple. You also can do this from mobile easily.

Facebook is one of the platform where you have to follow some rules to use it. If you don’t wanna follow it or didn’t follow it then they will block your ID. So you have some limit which you can’t cross it easily. After reading this post, You will be able to Change Facebook Birth Date After Limit without any risk. So kindly follow our instruction.


Reason TO Unable To Change Facebook Birth Date

When you try to create Facebook account then it will ask you for Birth Date. After that it will give you one chance to change that date. But If you tried it to change again then Facebook team thinks that your Facebook account is fake. So, It doesn’t allow you to change your Birth Date.

Some steps to Change Facebook Birth Date After Limit

But If you follow my steps then your will be able to do it successfully. This is just a simple trick but you must follow every steps clearly. If you missed one step only then you will not be able to change your Birth Date.

Step 1:- At firs, Login your Facebook of which you want to change the Birth Date.

Step 2:- Then click on the button “Required Link” given below which will redirect you to a Facebook’s Help And Support page. 

Step 3:- In the next page, You will see a page like the given picture. You have to click on Add Year and select your year which you want to make it. Then another box will unlock where you have to select Months. Similarly You will get Day option too.

Change Facebook Birth Date After Limit
Change Facebook Birth Date After Limit

After this you have to select a suitable reason for this. Here I am going to select “This is my real birthday” Option.

Step 4:- At this step, Click on the Send button. Then you will get a notification/ Email notifying that your birth-date changed as you requested.

In this article, I easily mentioned that How I change Facebook Birth Day After Limit Crossing. If you got any problem on these steps then you can comment below or contact us directly on our Facebook Page.

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